PAT Testing

PAT test is usually required for portable electrical appliances and equipment. Shops, businesses, and rented properties generally required this testing. The testing is done commonly for a period of 12 month in normal cases


We are qualified for Home Energy Inspection, which has become compulsory for Landlords and Property Owners in England and Wales. We are approved to conduct survey according to Legislation and provide EPC Certificates.

Electrical Certificates

We provide Electrical Certificates. Electrical installations need to be checked periodically after every 3 to 5 years or with any change in the circuit or board. Electrical safety requirements bind property owners to get

What We Do

New Builds

We provide complete services for electrical wiring for new build houses. Electricity is the core utility and should be done by professional and authorized professionals. Do not risk your life and property by hiring unqualified or inexperienced persons who left you with poorly designed wiring. Choose us who are proven for this most critical utility of your house. We provide electrical certifications of newly build house as well.

Full Rewire

Our team is ready and fully equipped with latest tools, knowledge of regulation for full and part rewire.

Part Rewire

Our team is ready and fully equipped with latest tools, knowledge of regulation for part rewire if you have problems with old wire.

Extension Wiring

We are pleased to wire your extensions. Our professional team is quite capable to understand all kind of wiring and manage extensions keeping in mind the existing wiring.

Fuse Board Replacements

We provide services for Fuse board replacement. Any fault detection related to fuse. We are authorized to provide certificates if all work is done according to standards.

External Decorative Lighting

Lets adore together. We help you not only install but also select latest external lights suitable for your house.

Lighting Replacement

Call us for replacement of lights. If you want to change the old boring lights with all new smart efficient and attractive lights

Emergency Lights

We carry out test to ensure that Emergency Lights in the property are working safely in the right manner. They should illuminate exit routes. Emergency Lighting test is mandatory for all HMO properties. All routes leading people who are leaving the building in an emergency must always be illuminated.

Fire Detection Alarms

Fire alarm is an important to protect your property against potential danger of fire. Our team is fully trained to set up Fire Alarms.

Security Alarm System

All type of security alarms with full system are installed by our team to cope with increasing security needs.


Call us for cheap and reliable solution regarding cameras. Our professional team as a vast experience of installing CCTV as it has become the necessity of every place. People has realized the importance of recording the vicinity of their property and visitors roaming about their land. We help you watch and record all you want.

Fault Diagnosing

Any problem regarding electricity, please call us for fault diagnoses. Our professional electrician visit you immediately to identify and solve the problem.

Remedy Works

Electricity issue is no issue now. Solution and comfort is just a call’s away.

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